Mergers & Acquisitions Strategic Advisory

If you are acquiring a business or selling a business we will assist in the development of a comprehensive strategy which aligns with your goals to achieve the best possible outcome. Our extensive experience in complex negotiations enables us manage the process from inception to completion whilst considering the aspirations of all parties.

Sales/Acquisition Documentation

Preparation of comprehensive documentation is essential if sales and acquisitions are proceed to a successful conclusion. We will assist in the preparation of business plans and sales/acquisition documentation to facilitate time saving phased execution.

Target Identification

With our specialist in depth knowledge of the industry sectors we cover internationally we are in a unique position to identify potential companies and provide qualified short-lists in a short time frame.

Preliminary Valuation

As part of our initial advisory service we will provide a preliminary valuation of the business based on rule of thumb formulas for specific industry sectors.

Due Diligence Referral (financial and legal)

Our financial and legal advisory board work closely with client internal teams to conduct a thorough and exhaustive due diligence process.

Debt and Equity Financing

We provide access to international financiers with experience in mergers and acquisition financing should funding be required.

Transition Planning

The most essential part of a successful merger or acquisition is people.
With our unrivaled experience we are able to identify the best professionals to assist with managing the business going forward and enable a smooth transition.

HR and Interim Management Consultancy

Executive Search